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Dietary supplement for horses with specific NADH-formulation

  • more energy for your horse!
  • up to 10% more natural muscle building

Pack (30 pieces) 99, - Euro

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Dear pet owner and horse lover!

The luck of the earth is on the back of a horse.
Horses are powerful and majestic animals. We rejoice in your physique and admire your elegance and endurance.

In order to optimally provide their horse and to allow him a long and vigorous life, we have developed a special food supplement for horses.

is a dietary supplement for horses. It contains the patented stabilized and bioavailable coenzyme 1 (NADH) developed by Univ. Prof. DDr. Jörg Birkmayer. It promotes the rapid disposal of energy and ensures better utilization of the feed.

Contents: 30 tablets of 20 mg N.A.D.H.

Dosage: as required 2 to 4 tablets daily.

Laying Ippochi® tablets horseback under the tongue or in the cheek pouch: administration. The tablets dissolve very quickly.

The main effects of NADH

  • NADH increases ATP (= energy production) in the body cells. The organism of the horse can so effectively the attack of free radicals to ward off (viruses, bacteria, environmental toxins, UV rays, etc.).
  • NADH repairs DNA altered and damaged cells. Your horse is, regardless of his age, a better quality of life given.

Why is Ippochi® with the special N.A.D.H. Formulation so important for your horse?
Even small amounts of additionally supplied coenzyme (NADH) can balance your horse again a lack of energy.

  • NADH proven to extend the life of all body cells and improves their responsiveness.
  • NADH is the most powerful antioxidant against free radicals in the body and protects effectively against cell damage.
  • NADH contributes significantly improves the energy balance of the cells
  • NADH is involved in more than 1,000 metabolic reactions in the body

The more NADH horses available, the more ATP energy they produce and are thus physically and mentally much more powerful.
Horses with a lot of energy to work out longer, thereby also strengthens the muscle. A larger muscle performance increased in horses in particular the bounce.

Ippochi® is no doping!
N.A.D.H. is not on the list of the IOC (International Olympic Committee). This is confirmed by the scientific-medical director of the IOC. N.A.D.H. is an endogenous substance which occurs in high concentrations especially in the heart and other muscles.

Ippochi® has a scientifically proven anti-aging effect by extending the life of cells, tissues and organs due to the increased energy reserves.

Safety of Ippochi®
IPPOCHI is one of the safest food supplement for horses. Ippochi® tablets taken about six months every day, bring the horse a huge increase in energy, but do not show any side effects


Coming soon:
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  • Coenzyme 1 for Raptors
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